The 20-Point Checklist For Getting Good With Money In Your 20s

There’s one idea we repeat often when it comes to taking control of your finances: put it on autopilot. The less you have to think about things like putting money into savings or paying your electric bill, the better! But, while we do believe that putting your financial systems on autopilot and having them work in the background is good advice for most people, it doesn’t mean you should never think about money again. It’s always good to have regular checkups to make sure your money is still working for you. Your goals and priorities will change as you get older, and the ways you manage your money should change along with them.

That’s why, over on the TFD YouTube channel this week, we’re getting back to basics, with a 20-point checklist for getting good with money in your twenties. This encompasses everything you need to feel in control of your life, financially, starting with the very basics (tracking your spending, saving an emergency fund) to getting more advanced (consulting a CFP, making a 5-year career plan). Of course, this checklist can apply to anyone, at any age — starting “late” when it comes to your money doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start at all! Head over to the TFD YouTube channel to hear more about the essential steps everyone should take to get good with money.

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